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David Cybulski
1964 - 2014
Santa Barbara, United States
Marge Brown
1944 - 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Mich│le Dion Duchast...
1945 - 2012
Toronto, Canada
Ryan Russell
1975 - 2011
Toronto, Canada
Moishe Finkelstein
1916 - 2010
Cote St Luc, Canada
Lynn Barham
1952 - 2009
St Catharines, Canada
Maria Raposo
1922 - 2010
Winnipeg, Canada
Francis Horne
1935 - 2010
Calgary, Canada
Justin McLean
1981 - 2009
St. Catharines, Canada
Jacqueline Lavigne
1924 - 2009
St. Donat, Canada
Peter Weed
1954 - 2009
Bobcaygeon, Canada
Florence (Ross) Nich...
1913 - 1993
St Catharines, Canada
Richard Nicholson
1915 - 1994
St Catharines, Canada
Sean Outingdyke
1968 - 2006
Peterborough, Canada
Donnie McCormick
1973 - 1996
Sudbury Ontario, Canada
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Randy Stroud
Phillis Nixon
Jim Straty
Jennie Weed
Donnie McCormick
Carlos Bergen
Jeremy Beimers
Justin McLean
Uia Howden
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 What You Remember
“I often think about dad and his incredible sense of humour... he knew how to make us laugh and we miss him dearly!”
— Memory from An unregistered user about Garnet Bruce
“I will remember everyday of my life that I was blessed to have you in my life!!! When you left you took half my heart with you. xoxoxoxo”
— Memory from jenn m. about Justin McLean
“A brilliant man, who foremost was a humanitarian, who welcomed all he encountered into the never ending warmth of his soul. "Paw" as he was affectionaltely know was a very moral individual, who did what he felt was right. It was a privilege to know this infinitely interesting man, whose depth of knowledge and sage advice was pragmatic and given from the heart. I feel blessed for his endearing friendship, and I mourn for him as a brother to me. This principled and jovial man, has left us all”
— Memory from An unregistered user about Peter Weed
“I will always remember when we were kids and he use to take us to the movies or to the park and how easy he was to talk you could tell him anything”
— Memory from Sabrina F. about Joseph Morin
“I remember the big camping trip when all my stuff got soaked because Tom tipped my canoe. You seemed to be the only one who cared... but thats just how you were I guess. I miss you.”
— Memory from Malcome P. about Greg Haun
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