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Our Mom
Our Mom
The memories of the past are vague
The hurts are forever and forgiven
What We have today is what there is forever
And those are the memories of all We have to hold on to.

In our mind we remember a face-one of beauty
One with rarely a frown
And almost always a smile

Never a harsh word-just a kind gentle smile
We hear her voice as she says kind words to all who she knew
The words were always soft
And they were who she was
We will forever hear her say モHi Honeyヤ soft and gentle was her voice

In the air we breathe
We know she is there
To guide and protect all who she loved
We will forever be grateful
We were born through her to love
We are now who she was
  — Written by Dianne M. on Tuesday, April 21st 2009.
Dianne M. is an unregistered visitor.
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Message: To help in any little way I can.
Guy R.
Message: I'm with you Dianne :)
Guy R.
Memorial Link: http://www.iwillremember.ca/debbieboulter
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