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Grandpa Moishe
I will always remember my Grandpa and his wise words of wisdom. He would capture your attention with his stories and the passionate way he told them.
He was a very caring, honest, hard working family man who adored his grandchildren.

My fondest memory of him is the way he used to secretly hand us money and whisper "take it take it and don't tell grandma!" or the way he used to tell me to eat my hot soup "from the top" do I would not burn my tongue. He was rarely seen without a sweater and his "chapeau" - even in the summer. Grandpa would always drink "boiled water with lemon" with every meal, saying it was very important. I can still hear him singing "Everybody loves somebody sometimes" in my head and hear him calling me jabba, which means frog.

The last time I saw Grandpa was at my wedding in 2002. He looked great. He even danced a little bit. I am thankful that my last memory of him is a good one. I will miss him and cherish the memories I have of him growing up in Montreal.

Love you forever Grandpa.....enjoy being with your son and please kiss him for me.

  — Written by Toby M. on Thursday, September 23rd 2010.
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Message: With all our love.
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