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My 44 years of knowing Moishe
I was 18 when I first met Moishe, my future father in law. That was November 1966. I dated Sydney (his son) for just over 2 years and then married on August 3rd 1969. Our children, Marc, Toby and Ariel were our blessings. My most vivid memories of Moishe were him at the kitchen table; on Wentworth, rolling his silver coins collected at the Jo Ro Restaurant at Dorval Airport. Reading his paper and highliting stores with his yellow highlighter. His paper was folded a certain way. Ofcourse his boiled water in a cup by his side. He was always at the head of the table each holiday dutily saying the prayers while we were all at the table watching and listening. We ate the delicious meal Fanny prepared; gefilte fish, chicken soup, brisket, chicken, roasted potatoes, tsmimis (sweet carrots) that Syd always said he didn't like and didn't want but Fanny put it on his plate anyway. The soda, juice or wine. Then the political discussions that sometimes got heated.Most times we ended up in the basement putting on records and pushing the carpet away so we could dance. I ended up helping to wash the dishes.
Once we left baby Ari with Moishe and Fanny for a few hours to babysit. Moishe kept feeding Ari cookies so that he would be happy in his playpen. Needless to say Ari did not eat his diner that night.
Moishe was a funny guy, telling jokes, laughing, doing his dog impressions to make the kids laugh. We also heard his Siberia story many times. How he survived the cold and famine and his escape riding under the trains.
Moishe and Fanny lived near by; two streets over in Cote St Luc and often would walk over to just visit and see the kids. Moishe had this funny walk, sort of leaning his body from side to side.
Moishe was a tailor. Once the war ended in Europe he ended up in Austria with Fanny and placed in a DP camp. Syd was born during that time in 1946. By 1948 Moishe Fanny and Syd immigrated to Montreal Canada. Moishe worked in a clothing factory as a foreman but Fanny decided that money is to be made working for yourself. So that's when the restaurant business started. They opened up a small place downtown Montreal with about 14 seats and quickly made enough money to buy their Dorval Jo Ro place. We never found out what Jo Ro meant. Moishe, Fanny and Syd; who helped out once out of school worked long and hard for many years. But made enough money to buy a home in Cote St Luc.
Moishe loved to read books, especially about Jewish religion. Rambam was one of his favorites. His book library was extensive and impressive.
Then tragedy hit our family. We lost Sydney on April 28th 1992.
I remember Moishe falling to the ground as he came in to our house on Davies and being told that Syd was killed. This changed and effected Moishe in such a profound way. He loved his Sydney. Moishe lost his glow, his laughter and was never the same. He kept on being a good grandpa , still sang his songs but with less joy.
His health got worse.
We lost him on Sept 14
  — Written by Mona F. on Thursday, September 23rd 2010.
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Message: With all our love.
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