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Nice Memory of Grandpa
I remember when I was about 9 years old I was home alone as my dad went to the photo lab for a few minutes. I was bored and I could hear kids playing baseball in the nearby park. So I thought I would go play with them. Being a little careless I ran to the park leaving the windows still open and the front door open. When my father came home he found his 9 year old son missing and the door open. Obviously very concerned...

About an hour later, I decided to leave the park and walk down Wentworth (where my grandparents lived) to get home. There I found my Grandparents walking the streets looking for me. My grandmother immediately lashed at me since they were worried to death about me disappearing. And I remember my grandfather protecting me from her saying its ok and that he would walk me home.

He then took me home to my father and calmly told me that I should be careful when I leave the house to lock the door and leave a note that I went to play in the park. I was so scared that my dad was going to be mad at me and I asked Grandpa not to leave when I got home. And he didn't. He stayed with me and my father and protected the 9 year old boy from getting punished. My father was so upset with me and my grandpa backed me up 100%. I'll never forget how grateful I was that he stayed home with me.

He loved me and just wanted me to be happy. His love for his children and grandchildren was second to none.
  — Written by Ari F. on Thursday, September 23rd 2010.
Ari F. is an unregistered visitor.
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