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Ozzie Osbourne - See You On The Other Side
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About David
A brief biography about David
David Lawrence Cybulski was born on Thursday, October 8th, 1964 in Berea, Ohio United States and passed away 7 years and 116 days ago on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 in Santa Barbara, California United States.

After his passing, Lisa T. has maintained David's memorial site since its creation on Monday, July 14th, 2014 allowing 6,333 visitors to understand the legacy that David leaves behind.

Lisa T., along with family and friends, welcome you to add your stories, photos, condolences and memories about David.
David's Legacy
A glimps into David's life and legacy

David - We first met when we were just teenagers and my initial impression was that you were wild and a trouble maker - I found out I was right - but you also turned out to be so much more. You were smart, loving, funny, sarcastic, incredibly stubborn, and had a personality that was larger than life. You made your own choices and you wouldnt let anybody tell you what to do. Throughout our friendship, we both ended up creating families and having wonderful daughters. Our friendship grew through many phases over the years and eventually evolved into something incredibly special. We discovered we had more in common then we could have ever imagined. I cannot count the number of times that we finished each others sentences, had the same crazy ideas, or how often the same song would pop into our heads. We became best friends and shared so many incredible times that I will remember and cherish forever.

David - you are one of the strongest people I have ever known. We tried our hardest to change this outcome; you fought as hard as you could, but it turned out that this fight was one you weren't destined to win. I truly cannot believe you are gone. My heart has a huge hole in it and the struggle to move forward without you is monumental. This was not supposed to happen. You were not supposed to die. We had plans. I thank Eddie and Kathryn for opening their home and providing a safe and supportive place for you to live this past year. I will remember with deepest gratitude the support they provided us during this unbelievably difficult time. They both loved you and honored your wishes and the privacy that you requested. You always told me that a lot of people will pretend to be your friend, but you only know who your true friends are when life gets tough - as usual you were right. Sarah and Amber are the most important people in your life and I know you wish you would have had the time to tell them how special and important they are and how much you love them. Your beautiful girls already know this. You helped them become the intelligent, funny, loving, young ladies that they are today. David - you are loved and respected by so many different people; your family, the countless people you met through and worked with at Plaza Liquors, friends you have had since childhood, as well as all of the ones you made over the years - we are all forever changed for knowing you and now having lost you way too soon.

Although you've left this earth, you will always remain in my heart; I can sense you here trying to help me find a way to get through this challenging time. The sadness and disappointment I feel knowing I was not able to laugh, cry, or share a story about you breaks my heart. My life will never be the same. When I'm feeling sad or alone I'll think about you saying to me "dancing makes you happy" and then you'd do a really goofy dance - it always made me smile  - it still does. You are loved, missed, and will never be forgotten. I love you - we all loved you. Until we meet again. "Never thought I'd feel like this - strange to be alone.....grieving, I hate to say goodbye......And I'll see you, I'll see you on the other side" - Ozzy Osbourne

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