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David Cybulski
1964 - 2014
Santa Barbara, United States
Marge Brown
1944 - 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Mich│le Dion Duchast...
1945 - 2012
Toronto, Canada
Ryan Russell
1975 - 2011
Toronto, Canada
Moishe Finkelstein
1916 - 2010
Cote St Luc, Canada
Lynn Barham
1952 - 2009
St Catharines, Canada
Maria Raposo
1922 - 2010
Winnipeg, Canada
Francis Horne
1935 - 2010
Calgary, Canada
Justin McLean
1981 - 2009
St. Catharines, Canada
Jacqueline Lavigne
1924 - 2009
St. Donat, Canada
Peter Weed
1954 - 2009
Bobcaygeon, Canada
Florence (Ross) Nich...
1913 - 1993
St Catharines, Canada
Richard Nicholson
1915 - 1994
St Catharines, Canada
Sean Outingdyke
1968 - 2006
Peterborough, Canada
Donnie McCormick
1973 - 1996
Sudbury Ontario, Canada
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Darren Mcmullin
Randy Stroud
Darlene Ambrose-Dastou
Robert Mc Ivor
Taylor Wyse
Joseph Morin
Jennie Weed
Robert Raso
Dorothy Forret
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 What You Remember
“Hi Dad.... it's your day!! Awesome show at the park - brought me to tears like it always does... Canada day is when i feel you most... i love daddy, miss you! xoxoxoxox”
— Memory from Karen B. about Gary Boittiaux
“take care of nala for us daddy, i know she'll take care of you! xo”
— Memory from Karen B. about Gary Boittiaux
“Yes Brian ... I remember him touring me through the house in Rockwood, showing me where the bedrooms and bathrooms would come to be - I did not believe him!!! But sure enough he managed to build a beautiful home for your family - so focused on providing you all with everything he could. What an amazing man. I also remember a Saturday afternoon when he had us pulling weeds in the pasture by your home... I think we eventually got there, but it was definitely not in an afternoon!”
— Memory from Lori N. about Peter Weed
“From kindergarten to his passing, he was my best friend. Not a day goes by where he is not missed. I am thankful that my wife got to meet him, I only wish that my children had had the opportunity. Kai, we miss you. I wish that I could have been there for you, I would have done anything to help you.”
— Memory from Shawn J. about Kai Hilderbrandt
“xoxox love you daddy.... just as much today, as every other.”
— Memory from An unregistered user about Gary Boittiaux
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