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Always the joker
Peter had just sold our house for us, and helped us find a new home. Delia and Peter both made sure everything was looked after, and all legalities proceeded smoothly. We moved into our new home, and were busy settling in. I came home one day, and there was Peter, outside on the driveway, with a customer, who "wanted to buy our new home!" Peter assured him that anything was possible, and he wanted to put a "For Sale" sign up on the lawn. We had only been in the house a few days, and already he was trying to "help us find a bigger house...lol" He laughed about this for months.

A few months later, I was in the basement at midnight, and who comes knocking on the basement window but Peter - at midnight! with coffees in his hand, and a huge smile on his face. He roared with laughter when I jumped - he was the supreme joker.

I will miss his emails to "the girls" with jokes he thought we would all enjoy, and I knew they were from him, with his signature icon on each email, of PAW.

This wonderful man lived each day with joy and love, and made sure that if he could help someone, or make a difference to them, it was done. He loved Delia and all the kids, and devoted his life to making them as happy as possible. No matter what the problem with his children, he was there to guide and support them.

No matter what business he was in, and there were many, he always excelled and made a difference to those he touched.
We shared the same birthdate, and I always got a card or email - he remembered the little things!

Delia - you are both in our thoughts and prayers, and we will miss Peter.
  — Written by Denise B. on Thursday, January 22nd 2009.
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Message: With all our love.
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