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A Prayer for Peter Weed and His Family
[Posted on behalf of my Uncle Bob]

Peter Weed has always been a very special person.

More a Brother than a Brother-in-Law.

More a Dad than an Uncle.

His humorous and wonderful personality has been able to push through the worst of adversity.

He has always had a great ability to make you smile when you were feeling low.

Together, with his darling wife Delia has provided some of the very best of family gatherings.

Together they have been the frequent providers of life, career and family-saving advice to all of us who have been close.

Family has always been very important to Peter.

It should be obvious to all who know him well, that one of his greatest life wishes is that his family will stay together, strong and united.

Now, more than ever, in the sunset of his all too short a time on this earth, he needs to know his family will not fracture and his wife will get all the help and support she needs from the family.

I pray that the Lord will help give everyone the strength to put Peter and Delia first, now and later as life unfolds.

With Deepest Love!

Bob, Joanne, Tara and Craig
  — Written by Brian W. on Tuesday, January 27th 2009.
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Message: With all our love.
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