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I remember a very long time ago ( not so long as to date myself), Brian asked me to formal (or prom?). I think it was more me pressuring him to ask me. We were about 13. However, Brian showed up at my door with a corsage and all suave in the new suite his dad, Peter, had taken him to buy.

Peter happened to be driving us to formal. As soon as Brian and I opened my front door and headed to the vehicle, Peter jumped out of the Suburban and opened the door for us. He insisted Brian sit in the back seat - as Peter "on hire" for us that night.
He acted as our chauffeur from Rockwood to Guelph, asking us where our destination was. He opened our doors when we arrived at the Formal in Guelph and was back to pick us up 15 minutes early at the end of the night, opening the door for us once again.
When we arrived back in Rockwood, Peter made sure Brian walked me to the door and left me with a "have a good evening madam". I will never forget this memory ... how amused I was and went on to tell my parents how much more exciting it was getting a ride with the Weed's. haha.

This is only one of the many memories I have with the Weed family. Delia, Christina, Matt, Brian, Melissa, Katie, Rebecca, Brandon & Natalie - you are all in my thoughts and prayers. May you keep your dad's spirit alive today and always. Love you. xo.
  — Written by Lori N. on Tuesday, January 20th 2009.
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Message: With all our love.
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