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Muldrew Lake Adventure
[Posted on behalf of my Uncle Bob]

Back one summer in the early 70メs Paul and Jennie had rented a cottage at Muldrew Lake. As the cottage didnメt come with a boat, Peter decided to purchase an inflatable two man boat. Peter was still single then. Joanne and I had only been married a short time and were invited up for the weekend.
We arrived Friday evening and Peter was anxious to try out his new boat. So away we went out onto the lake paddling off into the sunset. Laughing and joking, we had been gone for quite some time, were out of sight and a long way from the cottage when I heard a strange sound.
I excitedly said モPeteナPete listenヤ.
He was talking and joking and I said, モSeriously listen. I hear somethingヤ
モWhatメs that noise?ヤ
In the quiet, we heard the distinctive sound of air leaking from the inflated raft.
We looked at each other with shock and terror on our faces.
モOh no, we have a leak!ヤ
モWeメre gonna sink!ヤ (There were no life preservers on board this tiny craft)
モQuickナhead for shore!ヤ
So we started paddling like two mad men. Have you ever heard the expression, ムthe minutes seemed like hoursメ?
As we were getting closer to shore (and our boat was getting smaller and smaller) we noticed a dock that looked like the best place to head for. There was a gentleman on the lawn who came out onto the dock as we approached.
モExcuse me sir, weメre having a bit of trouble, would it be OK if we use your dock?ヤ
He said OK and as we got close to the dock, he could easily see we were getting low on air. As we docked, he laughingly mocked, モWhatメs the matter, did the boys spring a leaky in their rubber dingy?ヤ
I just smiled back in relief. Pete managed to joke about it.
So we did make it without sinking and had to walk back to the cottage with Peteメs rubber boat over our shoulders.

It was one of our favorite stories to recall and laugh about.
  — Written by Brian W. on Tuesday, January 27th 2009.
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