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Peter the Driver
When we were teenagers my brother liked to drive...so, one day Pete and I went to McCowan and Kingston Road for some reason.. He used to like to tease me about speeding and he revved the engine while we were waiting at the lights to turn west and go toward R.H. King on Kingston Road. Well, he took off so fast and we were driving in my mom's car and he shot around the corner so fast that I thought for sure we were going to flip over sideways (keep in mind it was a clear sunny spring day haha) Well, I practically climbed over onto him to balance the car!!! Well, we laughed about that for years He thought it was hysterical and I must admit it must have looked that way to him after I climbed back into my seat Remember we didn't have seat belts then either! If there was one thing we always did when we got together over the years it was to laugh!
  — Written by Joanne S. on Wednesday, May 20th 2009.
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Message: With all our love.
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