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I had the short pleasure to meet grandpa Moises (as we say it in Spanish :)) and since the moment I meet him, I knew he was a special person. Ari told me all the stories about grandpa Moishe and grandma Fanny, how they escaped from the war and lost all their relatives. A story that I find amazing and something I will tell my kids.

I always felt that being married to Ari was something meant to be, and when I meet his grandparents, I confirmed that I was right, as his grandma Fanny has the same birthday as me, and her parents have the same names as mine (Alex and Rose), plus we all celebrate our birthdays in June...I don't believe in destiny, but I believe that you will always get what you deserve, and I'm happy I am part of a beautiful family.

I hope I had met you in a better situation grandpa, but even though you couldn't say things with words, I felt your love through your spirit every time you sang and smile when we were around you.

You will be missed and we will always keep you close to our hearts.


Your granddaughter Ximena :)
  — Written by Ximena U. on Thursday, September 23rd 2010.
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Message: With all our love.
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