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Memory By James Banega
remember the time we use to go for coffee at the wee hours of the morning in my red capri? one of the nights we passed out in your living room (and this was after he got mad at you for us passing out - and yes I was awake that time but I didn`t get up) I woke up to use the bathroom and your dad was awake and he said to me, I yelled at karen for you guys passing out in the living room and I feel terrible, but you guys seem to make her smile at most times and gave me a hug and said, i`m glad you guys are her friends take good care of my baby. my eyes are watering right now and I can`t type anymore but may he R.I.P. and he will always be with you Karen.
  — Written by James B. on Thursday, June 5th 2008.
James B. is an unregistered visitor.
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