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Gary's Birthday
Happy Birthday Gary...Hugs..hugs and more hugs
I just know that you're celebrating your birthday playing bridge with Babi,Grandpa and Jimmy and ..maybe..have a few shots of brandy..You can't see me but I can see all of you.
Gary..remember on your 4th,or was it your 5th birthday that the whole family went to the Shanghai restaurant..the waiter brought out the cake and we started to sing "Happy Birthday" and all the other patrons joined in????
You said "Don't EVER do this again, this is soooooooo embarrasing"
GEEZ!!!I sure wish that we could do that again to-day....but...we will quietly sing "Happy Birthday" and I know that you will hear us.
and...oh yes...all the patrons did get a piece of your cake
I love and miss you sooooooooo much my Darling.....xoxoxoxox
  — Written by MOM M. on Sunday, January 2nd 2011.
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