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Written June 22, 2007 - Re: Canada Day
Written June 22, 2007:

very year around this time i get a bit emotional thinking about my dad.... More so than I do around the anniversary of his death.... Mostly because because 'Canada Day' which is approaching was and always will be 'my dad's day'.....

So today, my little sister had her graduation (YAY!!! SIS!! CONGRATS!! ) and my grandpa celebrated his 80th birthday.... and I totally believe that my dad popped by, briefly to say hi and let me know he was there celebrating with us....

I attended the graduation with the rest of my family.... my sister was awesome as the validictorian.... i'm so very proud of her! She's accomplished so much in life despite the trials and tribulations she's had to endure.... She's got a great heart and a good head on her shoulders.... due to circumstance, I've considered her more like my daughter... but as she's grown into a woman, she's become my sister, my friend, and my confidante! I love this girl to death...

Anyways, I degressed.... After graduation, we went over to my grandpa's for dinner.... For those of you that don't know, my grandfather is a writer.... for years he's been working on a biography... and he's often passing me chapters to read.... Honestly, i do look forward to reading them... it's neat to read about his life, to know how he was before i knew him both as a child and adult... it gives insight as to who my family is from his perspective... but most of all, I love reading about my daddy as a child... Often my grandpa's chapters are about his self as a child prior to the birth of my dad... but whenever I catch a glimpse of a mention of my father, I tend to hold on to those thoughts and words just a little bit tighter.... it somehow makes me feel close to him again... Man, I miss my daddy! (Tearing up!!)

So tonight at Grandpa's, as he often does, he passed me another chapter to read... this one about geniology.... Typically he'll hand them to me, already stapled and in an envelope, all ready for me to read on night shift.... However, this time he gave it to me unstapled.... so, rather than asking him to fetch me a stapler, i decided to go into his office while he entertained his guests.... While i was in there, 'snooping' around (his office is what you'd expect any writers office to look like - evidence of a creative mind with thoughts and writing tools scattered 'creatively' around).... I happened to glance down at a piece of his writing, and quickly noticed my dad's name "Gary"...... as it always does, this quickly got my attention and i couldnt help but pick up the chapter and start reading....

This chapter was special..... really, one i have been anxiously expecting for many years, however have until today, have not seen... this chapter was about my daddy and Canada Day...

When I was about 12, my dad started putting on this 'fire works' display for the cousins and I on Canada Day.... My dad was always so proud to be a Canadian and he always sa
  — Written by Karen B. on Tuesday, April 29th 2008.
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