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Written June 22, 2007 - Re: Canada Day PART 2
When I was about 12, my dad started putting on this 'fire works' display for the cousins and I on Canada Day.... My dad was always so proud to be a Canadian and he always said that this day was the best day ever... that we should all be proud and celebrate.... Back then, we didnt pay too much attention to that....the fireworks are what we cared about.... it was such a treat, we loved it! It started off with a little display in the backyard... eventually people from the 'inner-city neighbourhood' started coming to watch... and it moved into a church parking lot.... then we outgrew that, and it ended up moving into a school yard.... my dad started getting sponsors from 'Coke', 'Burns' and the city.... eventually there would be free hotdogs and drinks (by the hundreds if not thousands) and a stage with live local performers.... Better than any fireworks show put on by 'the forks' or 'assiniboine park' (the last year he did this show before he died, the Winnipeg Free Press published an article stating this!!)....I was sooooooo proud to be part of my daddy's Canada Day celebrations.... My dad totally rocked.... I remember my mom being a little upset over the thousands of dollars being dumped into this every year, but my dad always said it was worth it 'to give back to Canada what it had given to him'.....he loved seeing all the kids smile.... kids that may have not made it out to see any fireworks... or may not have had a hotdog and drink if they did go.... I remember the biggest grin on dad's face after each show... the joy and pride on his face... the happiness he eminated just from making everyone else happy.... My daddy was truly a hero and only what i could aspire to be here and ever after....

Anyways, I was in my grandpa's office, reading about his perspectives on 'dad's Canada day'... reading about how my dad was awarded with a 'Governor's General Award' the last year he had done this... (I had no idea about that!!) and how a mystery person goes to the cemetary every year and puts a Canada flag on my daddy's grave stone (the grounds keeper knows his spot well!)....when all of a sudden, I hear my cousin and sister calling me....yelling, "Ate, there's fireworks!! Come out here"! Grandpa lives in a skyrise on Osborne, so we had the most perfect display of fireworks being shot from the forks.... As far as i knew, there was no holidays today... Canada Day is next week.... I'm not sure why they were being held, but I definitely believe my dad and fate were there to comfort us... letting us know that even though he's not here to give my sister a kiss on the forehead on her special day of taking that step from childhood to adulthood, to tell her that 'everything is going to be okay.... You can do anything you want to... just stay focused and you will achieve it all..... I'm proud of you and I love you"......Or to hug my grandpa, shake his hand, have a 'rye and water' with him and say, "Happy 80th Birthday, Pops".... he
  — Written by Karen B. on Tuesday, April 29th 2008.
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