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On this very sad day 6 years ago, January 8, 2008, sweet little baby Faith left her loving Mommy, Daddy, brother Brogan and puppy Brodi heartbroken. Faith and her Great-Grandma, Julia Harper, were and are forever bonded spiritually as they passed together that morning. Our entire family was devastated beyond comprehension.

Since then, we have all been surrounded and blessed with their eternal love. We have been shown many signs that they are together through deer, cardinals and doves and a white one in particular. Faith has come to me many times since in various ways. Early on Saturday morning at 12:30 a.m. January 4, 2014, Faith again showed me what the most important thing in this life is and that being ~ FAITH IS LOVE.

Because of Faith, Pam, Pat and Brogan were blessed with her little sister, Lylah, and once again her puppy Brodi got a "keeper".

Faith touched the lives of so many who didn't even know her that continues to this day. For her family who will always love, treasure and sorrowfully miss their baby Faith, she is an Angel with wings.

FAITH, you are my heart and soul, FOREVER.

Love: Grandma xoxoxoxoxoxo
  — Written by Michele H. on Wednesday, January 8th 2014.
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